The Company

Located in Sicily, in the Val di Noto, we are a family concern, producing oil from our centuries-old olive trees dating back to the time of the Moors.

Our extra virgin olive oil, “U gustu miu” (Sicilian: “To My Taste”), is designated as D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin), is free from any pesticide treatment, and is produced in limited quantities, guaranteeing the authenticity and genuineness of flavours reminiscent of the past.

You can enjoy, as you wish, in the simplest of ways: with bread and salt; as a dressing for a salad of freshly picked tomatoes; or for a plate of spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil or a slice of grilled fish with herbs, for instance. Our extra virgin olive oil “U gustu miu” is outstanding for its fragrance, its colour and its taste, echoing the qualities of the genuine products of yesteryear.

Pruning, harvesting and production are overseen directly by the owners, who are passionate about their olive trees, treating them with loving care, and thus achieving an exceptional product, while limiting quantities.

The farm “La Casa Bianca” selects the best olives, harvested just at the right time, to ensure the best quality by the traditional process of cold-pressing in the mill.

The oil “U gustu miu” excels in quality, flavour and low acidity.

The Olive Oil

Olive oil is an edible oil extracted from olives, or the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea) . In the blank type is derived from the mechanical pressing of the olives. Other types of products derived from the olive oil, but with nutritional and organoleptic properties , are obtained by rectification of virgin olive oil and for the extraction of consolvente from olive residues. It is characterized by a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Product originating in the traditional cuisine of the Mediterranean, olive oil is also produced in other Mediterranean climate regions.

Our Products

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Jams
  • Honey
  • Spirit
  • Dried Fruit

Acqua di giugno rovina tutto, acqua di agosto olio e mosto.

Detto Popolare

Fammi povero di legno, che ti farò ricco d’olio.

L'Ulivo al Contadino

Corrada’s Recipies

A tavula ci voli facci di monicu.
(A tavola ci vuole faccia da monaco ossia mai vergogna.)

Almond Pudding

Ricetta facile Primo 4 persone 50 minuti Almond Pudding INGREDIENTS 1 litre of water 300 gr of ground

Sicilian Rabbit Stew

Ricetta facile Primo 4 persone 50 minuti Sicilian Rabbit Stew INGREDIENTS 1 rabbit, 1kb-1.5kg ½ lemon 400

Pasta alla Norma

Pasta alla Norma INGREDIENTI 400 g di mezze penne 3 melanzane 400 g di pomodorini di Pachino 1 ciuffo di prezzemolo 1 cipolla

Spagetti alle sarde al finocchietto selvatico

Spagetti alle sarde al finocchietto selvatico INGREDIENTI 400 grammi di sarde pulite 400 grammi di spaghetti n. 5 150 grs di pane grattugiato tostato 1

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Mon. / Fri. 8.30 – 18.30
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T: (+39) 347.2797875

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